Me: Google?

Google: Yeth?

Do a search for Gerg Nitmo.

Otay...... Did... you mean Gerg Nitro?

No, Nitmo. Gerg Nitmo.

Are you sure?


Are you really sure?


Are you really rea..

YES goddamnit, yes! Gerg Nitmo. NIIITMOOOO!

Gerg Nitmo. NIIITMOOOO? gerg nitmo.....

otay.......Here you go.

Hmmm these are all the ones I've already seen. How about just Nitmo?

Otay ..... Did you mean....

No, Nitmo. Not nitro. And yes I'm pretty fucking sure.

...Otay. .......... What does backdoor.Nitmo mean?

I don't know. It looks like a virus of some sort. Do a search for Gerg now.

Did you mean Greg?


Hello? Gerg? Did you mean Greg?

You know what? Do a search for "fucking annoying search engine". Okay?


Oh look google .... You showed up.

I like to ride my bike down the street when my mom isn't looking.

Yes I know google, don't forget to ride with your eyes closed. I wonder if i show up on booble.

Me: Booble? Do a search for gerg nitmo.

Booble: Did you mean slutty sluts who have sex with fruit bats?

What? No.

Well then whats a gerg nitmo? Is that like a dirty sanchez ?

Huh? I don't think....whats a dirty sanchez?

Hang on, I'll look. Did you mean dirty latina maids or dirty dykes?

No I....

How about dirty sweet teens?

No I was looking fo.....

How bout dirty glancing?

N ... what the hell is that? Is that supposed to be a reference to dirty dancing? That doesn't even make any sense.

I don't know. you wanna see?

No not right now. Let me put my name back in. nitmo.

Did you mean nitmobooble?

No that was a typo, but that sounds kinda catchy. No, just nitmo.

Did you mean nitro?

Me: ..........

Booble: Hello?

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004 1:17 A.M.

on the itunes: "Guilty".... SKINNY PUPPY

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