I am very much aware I make no sense most of the time, but thats what you like about me right? Right?....... HI! Look, shiny things!
My blog is full of asides and soliloquies. Hmm, I think the whole thing is a soliloquy now that I think about it. Is that right? Do I even know what a soliloquy is? It's a color right? " I think I should paint my room a pale shade of soliloquy." Huh? Oh, I must be tired. I have random strange thoughts when I'm tired. And that would explain the beginning of this entry where I don't even come close to what I'm about to talk about.
Anecdote one:
So I'm sitting on the couch watching TV last night and the cat jumps in my lap to sit and memorize what the wall to my left looks like. So after a minute, I feel her heel is starting to dig into my thigh. So I move it.
She moves it back.
I move it again.
She moves it back, this time accompanied by an irritated grumble.
"Damnit, your boney leg is digging into my thigh. Quit it Micki." And I move it back.
She moves it back as she flips me off.
I flip her into the kitchen.
Ten minutes later she's trying to crawl back into my lap, apparently forgetting that I just threw her across the apartment.
Anecdote two:
I'm lying in bed teetering on the brink of sleep. I can hear the cat eating at the foot of my bed.
:::::: Chomp Chomp Chomp::::::
Then she goes for the water bowl.
::::: Drink drink drink::::::
Then it's time for the cat box.
::::scratch scratch...... pause...... scratch scratch scratch.......pause......... scratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratch scratchscratchscratchscratch:::::
Then she moves back to the food and water.......AND THEN BACK TO THE BOX.
She repeats this about three times.
Then she wants to get on the bed.
I kick her off.
Now the reason I kick her off is not to be mean. The reason is because, as I said before, my cat drinks before she goes into the cat box. I DON'T KNOW WHY! Now she doesn't drink like normal cats do. She drinks with her foot. I don't mean she uses capillary action to absorb the water into herself like a ivy, I mean she dabs her foot into the water and licks it off.
And then she jumps into the cat box with her soggy foot.
And THATS why I won't let her up on the bed. Not that she's spotless at any other given time. Nothing that covers itself with it's own spit can be THAT clean. It just kind of creeps me out so soon after. So I boot her off the bed, and 38 seconds later she's trying to jump back on. And off she goes again.
Now in the midst of cat volleyball and extreme drowsiness, I'm having profound thoughts. Well at least they felt profound at the time. I'm not sure about now, that was 18 hours ago.
(I promise I'm going somewhere with this, it doesn't appear so but I am.*)
She tries over and over again before giving up and sleeping in a drawer I left open.
On my clothes.

While this was going on, the thought crossed my mind as to whether or not she was just repeating the action over and over again with no active thought process, or did she have an agenda to wear me down.
Or does she just not have any sort of short term memory apparatus at all.
What I'm getting at is, I don't think animals question things.
"He wont let me on the big soft thing." Not "Why wont he let me on the big soft thing?"
They seem go about their lives figuring things out by cause and affect.
"This thing on the ground looks like I should eat it. It doesn't look like food. It looks like sock fuzz. Lets try it."
: pleh :
" Nope, not food."
Aside from being quadrupedal and 99% covered in fur, Is this all that separates we humans from pets? The act of questioning our environment?
Animals rely on instinct to tell them what to do. We figure things out by questioning it.
Man: "I wonder if I can get up there on the moon?"
Cat: "I'm going to eat that big ass green bug with the purple wings."
Man: "Why's my cat throwing up green and purple?"
Cat: "He's staring at me again."
I guess animals are curious, that seems apparent. I just wonder if questions pop into their heads like they do to you and I. Well, maybe just me, not you.
As I said before this made much more sense last night as I was about to fall asleep. I'm not sure about now.
Work is about to get busier than a three legged dog driving a stick shift diesel truck up an icy incline ...... while eating a chicken leg. Whatever.

(Maybe not.*)

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