Well this explains a lot
Ancient documents confirm that I was in fact a total dick when I was six years old.

I can only surmise that I was in a rush to get to the monkey bars and started shoving kids out of the way to get to them OR, I was framed by my then girlfriend Betsy.

Never trust a redhead.

They're all "Hi Gerg, can I have your cheetos? Can I have all your pudding cup? You sure look nice in your tough-skins today. Blah blah blah" Then bam! They drop a dime on you faster than you can say speed racer.

Actually I don't remember what happened. I could barely spell my name for cryin out loud. I was probably a dick though. I got a lot of Unsatisfactory's in citizenship back then for visiting with my neighbor, a politically correct way of saying " Hey, your kid talks too fucking much ". I was a bad kid. You couldn't stop me! What was the teacher to do with someone like me but make me write " I wil lnot be a pu shy-pig." an astounding four times!

This is still one of my most favorite pictures. The top picture has a frog hidden somewhere in it.

Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2004 9:53 A.M.

On the ol' Itunes: "Gyroscope".... THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN

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