This is the entry that makes it very clear that I've lost my marbles
I don't know if this is universal among all parents, but mine had a sound that would stop me dead in my tracks when ever I was doing something I shouldn't. I'm not sure if I can describe it in this format, but it comes out of the back of your throat. A short " EEEH " with a definite negative influence to it. Sometimes followed by "UH UH! " or such over enunciated phrases as " NO! / Put it DOWN! / Spit it OUT! / DON'T EAT THAT! / Get OUTTA there! / "

I wish I had some kind of frame of reference so you would know what I'm talking about. Uh, You're just gonna have to call me on the phone so I can make the noise and then hang up, Because trying to describe this noise through type is like trying to describe the color orange to a blind and deaf dog.
( Trying to sign the word orange into it's paw while stuffing a warm rock into it's other one. ) Okay, now THIS is what I call deviating from the original idea, however ludicrous it may be; so we're just going to steer back to the riiiiiiight ... and get back to what I was getting to.... Loretta.

As I was walking outside to my truck this evening, a guy was putting flyers for some El Nuevo sports bar called ZA ZA ZA. ( They have a Pantalla Grande De TV! $1.50 la cerveza dometica! aye aye! )
Ahem, anyway.... it reminded me of the time I was walking out to my car from the second job I used to have. A similar flyer hander outter was sticking leaflets under car windshield wipers. I don't like it when people put those things on my truck, it's such a waste of paper and I just throw them away. We both reached my truck at the same time, so as he was reaching for my windshield wiper, I said " EEEH! "
Stopped him dead in his tracks. He gave me a sheepish grin and went on the next car.
I told you all that bullshit to tell you this.
If " EEEH! " works so well for these instances, why don't world governments try using it for foreign policy?
Eh? See where I'm going?
" EEEEH ! Ge' cho' damn troops outta my yard! Don't you roll your eyes at me, I'll roll that little head of yours right the hell out of here! "
" EEEEH! POL POT you put those peoples heads back on! "
" EEEEH! Senator Wiggins, you KNOW senator Schwarzenegger has the floor right now. "
( Well maybe he'll be senator by then, YOU don't know. )
You people have no fucking idea what I'm talking about do you?
Okay. Lets use a better idea. You ever use those little rubber bars to separate your groceries from someone else's crap? Everyone has their own little area with their own little wad of stuff divided by that little rubber line of demarcation. That little line of death! Ever try putting some of you stuff over there with some of theirs? They'll kick that stuff right back out of there. " Hey! Thems YOUR chicken Pot Pies, YOU pay for em. The hell you think you doing? "

They should use these little rubber bars for border control. That would.....
Now I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about.
Maybe I've been working too much, perhaps a vacation is needed.
Holy shit, I just read back through all this. Thats some drug talking if I've ever seen some.
Maybe I shouldn't post this.
Too late, I think I just did.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2005 7:55 P.M.

on the itunes: " In the waiting line " ........ ZERO 7

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