Shocks... Pegs.... Lucky
The comments people left for me in their profiles. It's kind of like you've all signed my yearbook for the high school of geek huh?
Edit: Hmmm, reading back over this, it looks like I'm pretty conceited. That isn't it at all. I just wanted to put down everything that was written.


If Klugarshes daughter is good enough for me, you better believe I'll marry her. I'll have to wait a while since she's still in his scrotum at the moment.

comments:  If there's a quiet insanity, I think this guy has it. Great stuff.
comments:  Funneh shite
comments:  eye catching banners with a twist of sarcasm
comments:  a laugh does your body good!
comments:  Strange but really cool, in a weird sort of way.. ;)
comments:  he makes his own spaghetti sauce ... we have a winner
comments:  I only read two entries, and had to stop, because the kids were napping and I was laughing loud enough to wake the dead.
comments:  cat food dawg. funny stuff.
comments:  My fiancee. He just doesn't know it yet.
comments:  a man with darwinian toes and one of the sweetest hearts ever.
comments:  snort...giggle...King of the Dorks!
comments:  Found through everyone's favorite banner. I think I love this person.
comments:  heh, funny...
comments:  "Damn Chuck, does it smash the back of the toilet every time you flush those pure gold bricks you wipe your ass with?"
comments:  My hot sauce hottie
comments:  I thought 69 meant something completely different. Love ya Gergsie
comments:  "I decided not to reflect on the past year as most people did, because mostly......... it blew......... with fair to intermittent showers of suck, and the occasional pretty happy good day."
comments:  yay for greg nitmo! he rules. you only wish you were as cool as him!
comments:  interesting... or something of the sorts.
comments:  The banners brought me in, and I've stayed.
comments:  stumbled on this one.... and funny... very funny.............................
comments:  Short, sweet, to the point. And his entries are all right, too.
comments:  "You know what's funny? Bapping your cat on her back while she meows making her go "" That's funny, I don't care who you are"
comments:  The cat can poop a hole in the ozone layer.
comments:  Cool new dude I met in LuvaBean's closet. Don't ask. "I'm left with a quandary. What do I say to the server who says "enjoy your meal" after they set it down? Should I say "You, too!" How about that?"
comments:  how did I forget about you?
comments:  My favorite lonseome cowboy
comments:  Damn it's ...warm here. I'm soooo happy for it to be warm here, in the same way I'm happy to have a dentist go in through my urethra to give me a root canal.
comments:  Cat volleyball. I can relate, though I play cat tetherball.
comments:  i finally figured out exactly what i wanted to say about this cat, and it wouldn't fit. he's good people. i'd let him date my daughter. not that i have a daughter.
comments:  greg
comments:  it's just amusing
comments:  Yoicks, what!
comments:  A rather good writer. Quite impressive layout, as well.
comments:  I meant it about the couch...someone this fucking cool deserves it
comments:  diabolical
comments:  If there's a quiet insanity, I think this guy has it. Great stuff.
comments:  so very funny..i needed a change of pants
comments:  "Get back" The Beatles...Get back to where you once belonged
comments:  fuckin loopy yay i like it
comments:  good for a laugh
comments:  "Love is a funny little bug. Usually it travels on a voice and slips in through the ears and heads straight for your vulnerable heart where you have little defense. It makes possibilities.It sits with you under a tree at night watching fireflies"
comments:  funniest stuff on d-land.
comments:  This guy has some really funny entries
comments:  great funnies
comments:  Someone who thinks like that possible?
comments:  This is the good shit.
comments:  "Clavicle you and the shinbone you rode in on head-head"
comments:  "explain to me again the derivation of Kepler's Second Law?"
comments:  for those times when you just need random
comments:  My favorite Torso Man!
comments:  He got me a Rambo autograph!!!
comments:  I always wondered why they called him I know
comments:  i did i just say urea! Dang child i am.. I tells ya.
comments:  haha funny..great to read after stressful day..full of randomness
comments:  "i'm sure you won't lose any readers if you write about snot all week."
comments:  A fellow Texan, and someone who thinks the line "No, he's not retarded" is one of the funniest parts of "Sixteen Candles." Rock on, dude.
comments:  two parts of this man's body: heart and funny-bone. They are fucking huge.
comments:  His humor makes me weak in the spleen.
comments:  Whale penises, talking to the dead, ejaculation at the speed of light, and Charles Addams.
comments:  makes more and more sense the more I read
comments:  like rotting fruit.
comments:  An excellent read for anyone who likes funny
comments:  An interesting collection of vowels and consonants.
comments:  Love the story of the car rides w/ kitty.. haha
comments:  watch out for those bran muffins, eh
comments:  beat me up or beat me off baby
comments:  ranting...funny ranting....superb.
comments:  funny
comments:  "Put down the crowbars and prosthetic legs with nails in them please."
comments:  Love the writing style and design


Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005 8:18 P.M.

on the itunes: " Love kills " ... CIRCLE JERKS

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