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Two things.
When it's in the box it's called Hamburger Helper. But once your done making it, shouldn't it be called Hamburger Helped? When you're helping a friend do something, like .... I don't know .... helping them turtle wax a tree or ... OR MAKE HAMBURGER HELPER. Once you're DONE helping, you're not helping anymore. You've helped.
Do you understa ... ?
Moving on.
Do you think dogs ration the urine in the tank when they're out roaming the neighborhood looking for territory to mark or just general stuff to pee on? They can't possibly pee on EVERYTHING and they must realize this at some point. " OH mah gah, look at that big ass tree over there. Oh boy I have GOT to piss on tha... oops, I'm running pretty low. Gotta save some for the trip back ..... what the hell? Someone's already pissed on all the stuff I JUST GOT THROUGH WITH!
The hell!?
Crap, Now I gotta go find a garden hose. "
Do you think thats what they think?
Yea me too.

I think I overwaked this morning ..... or something.

Friday, Mar. 11, 2005 9:30 A.M.

on the itunes: " Heresy " ........ NINE INCH NAILS

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