Long live Spurt
A story by my Friend Trey , age 13

The ugly slug
Once upon a time there lived a slug named Spurt. Spurt was a very lonely creature because of his appearance. To put it simply he was just plain ugly. He wasn't just a little ugly; he was damn ugly; in fact he was the most revolting thing ever born. One day Spurt decided that his life had to end because he had no one; not even a mother and father. They committed suicide after seeing their son. It is said that they both jumped off a brick and died.
Anyway, Spurt went to a shoe store and tried to have someone step on him. It took him three days to get there but he made it. When he got there he looked up and read a sign; it read " CLOSED FOR REMODELING "
Spurt was pissed.
He had nowhere to go where so many people would be. He knew for sure someone would step on him if he just laid there in a shoe store ..... but what now.
He looked up into the heavens and yelled "GOD, TAKE ME! "
About that time a large dog walked up right beside him and urinated.
Spurt just stood there.
Minutes later Spurt was dead for he knew that no slug could swim or survive in dog urine. Spurts wish came true and that's the end of the story of the life of Spurt the ugly slug.
The moral to this story is ...... hang on I'll have to get back to you on that.

Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2005 3:56 P.M.

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