Of mice and boobs
First things first.....

Dear Gergsy's dad,
how do mice operate boobs? Do they read little mice instruction manuals or is it just instinctive?

Sincerely, Witty

Dear Witty,
I have to say Dad never gave much thought past the outside of the container much less if they contained field mice as operators. But he did have some speculation on what probably goes on.
Remote control.
Mice run the boobs of the world by remote control. Actually having mice inside would be ridiculous.... and creepy. How would they get in there, thats just plain silly. pffft.
Most North american mice are born with a Futaba radio control to work the servos equipped in many of the newer boobs, ............ and hydraulic lines control the older ones.

Now here's a philosophical question for you all.

What is the sound of one hand making that fart noise?

Monday, Apr. 11, 2005 7:15 P.M.

On the itunes: " Caring is creepy " ........ THE SHINS

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