How's he been doi... HE DID WHAT?
Well, my minion was trained to take over for me while I was in Columbus this past week.
He was very nervous.
He wanted to do a good job.
I had one month to train him to take over when I left.
He seemed to be doing pretty good.
He hoped he wouldn't forget anything.
He was doing pretty good until the last thirty minutes of the last day when he forgot to not do this to himself

This is what you get when you're trying to change the blade on a rotary cutter by pushing a cotter pin back onto some kind bolt shaft directly in front of a sharp sharp sharp blade.
He had the presence of mind NOT to bleed all over my stuff, which he gets points for.
He did well though, other than trying to saw off his hand that is.
If he wanted a few days off all he had to do was ASK.

Friday, May. 13, 2005 10:32 A.M.

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