hubert part 3
part 3

The Cross dressing gypsy hooker episode was over two and a half months ago and now he found himself at the door of the moose ass-ateria about to order something he never thought he would order in his life. He sat down and started scratching his itchy back while he looked the menu over. His shoulders dropped when he saw that all of the entrees came with.........tater tots.


Shirley the waitress came by his table with a dirty glass of water and between loud smacks of her gum said " How's it goin, sweetie pie? What can I get ya today? "

Hubert was just about to order the moose-ass cheeseburger and tots when a ruckus from the kitchen disturbed everyone in the diner. The cook came storming out the swinging door, knocking the cute little blonde waitress flat on her ass.
"Those damn astronauts! Who do they think they are? Stealing from me!!! They think they can just steal from every poor sucker trying to make a livin'?

Shirley picked herself up and propped her sizable rump on Hubert's table.

"Mel, .......... what the HELL are you talkin' about?"

Mel turned on the TV that was mounted above the bar.

".............ppears the space shuttle Columbia has had technical diffuculties and made an emergency landing on the moon. Barbara Walters is reporting live form mission control. Barbara, can you give us any information?"
"Well Charlie. It turns out that the shuttle Columbia has been conducting some top secret experiments involving moose space travel. One of the animals on board the space ship sneezed, freaked out, and wreaked havoc to the shuttle. We are not sure if the damage is repairable, and it seems the crew will be spending several hours, if not days, on the moon."

Mel started bellowing again. " See? They stole that moose from my farm. How am I supposed to have enough moose to serve in my diner if they keep stealin' em. That's about the 13th one this year."

Now all this commotion in the diner almost made Hubert miss the news, but he heard the important part. All this moose space travel stuff was top secret. So how did he know about it? When his moose detection device located Earl's moose in space, Hubert knew exactly what it was there for. But no one else except those NASA folks knew. Hubert scratched his head wondering how he suddenly gained psychic powers.

"Am I a super hero?" Somehow to his feeble brain this made sense. So to test out his powers he stood up and ...

Thursday, May. 26, 2005 4:31 P.M.

on the itunes: " Finest work song " ........ R.E.M.

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