hubert part 4
part 4

....and ran as fast as he could straight into the wall. He was awakened about 3 minutes later with a glass of Mountain Dew® in his face.
The cook said "What in THE HELL you do that for?!!!! "

Hubert rubbed his forehead tenderly and thought to himself that he probably wasn't the kind of hero that can walk through walls. The cook and shirley helped him to his feet and walked him over to his table to sit. Shirley dabbed her greasy rag into his water to wipe away a little blood on his forehead.
"Get back to work Shirley, I aint payin you tah be a nursemaid ." said the cook.
"Blow it out your ass Mel, cant ya see hes hurt hisself?" He could sue you ya know, all he has to say is that he slipped on something you left on the floor!"
Hubert started to mumble " No I would'nt sue, I just....."
"Hush, you probly got one o' them concussions or somethin." interrupted Shirley.
"He aint got no concussion and if he does he did it to himself, there werent nothin on the floor and you saw him just git up and run into the wall like a retard. Get him outta here, and if you dont like it you can go with em!"
"Mel ..... kiss my ass! Come on mister, lets go before he decides to call the cops on you."

Hubert wasn't thinking about what was happening at that moment, the idea that he might be a superhero was still spinning around in his head like a trailer home in a tornado. What could his powers possibly be? Could he read minds? could he bend steel bars? could he see into the future?

Suddenly he felt Mels' size 12 boot kicking him in the ass and he and Shirley both landed in the dust outside the diner.

Apparently he could NOT see into the future.

Mel watched them leave and scowled. "Good riddence to bof of em...goddamn my legs itchin" He pulled up his pant leg to scratch and saw a red rash on his shin just above the top of his boot. Must be those pork rinds getting to me again, he thought. If Hubert had seen it he would have known better, he knew all too well what it looked like.

Shirley opened her car door and sat Hubert down. He felt something under his ass, leaned over and pulled out a ......

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