FARGO AHOY!!!!!! HI !!
I haven't been on in a while.. so what else is new. But I didn't see a whole hell of a lot of you bawlin' and cryin' wondering if I was ok and shit.
Damn, and I really thought we had something guys.
Well I'M OKAY .. if you were wondering... i've just been busy here and the truth is.... I'm a pretty boring sack of ass. Couldn't think of anything. There's a lot of personal stuff going on I don't want to write in here about just yet, but I got a new car,

I got cool new nerdy glasses,

and I won a 29 year old Gnu in the Texas lottery.

His name is Steve.

But nothing terribly exciting besides that.

Except for thiiiiiiiiis.....

On my recent excursion to the Bell of food I found these sauce packets in the bottom of the bag.

First I had this little zinger.

Then they tried the packet of politeness

Thats very nice.
Then oh ho ho lets throw Jerry Maguire in for a hearty chortle.

That last one must have been a huge success.. so lets go with another movie line.

But, then....

Well this one doesn't ..HEY! Goddamnit! THE HELL MAN?
So I sent them a strongly worded letter of protest asking "What the hell Taco Bell? You don't know me well enough to be making jokes to me about that shit! Fuck you and the flea bag Llama you rode in on. Pricks! " And I launched an all out war convincing friends and random psychiatric patients, (which could easily be confused with each other) to also write strongly worded and often incoherent poorly written letters of protest to Taco Bell.

This was the retort


Also I thought this was pretty good.
noodely appendage

or if you work on wallstreet ... BUY!

Thursday, Jun. 23, 2005 5:41 P.M.

On the itunes: " Kool thing " ........ SONIC YOUTH

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