Household tips from Gerg
What i've been doing on my time off from diaryland ........


.....Is what a penny looks like after it's gone through the garbage disposal.

aaaaand this......

......Is what seven pennies look like after they've gone through the garbage disposal.
I gotta say, turning that switch on and hearing that noise will scare the holy butt fuck out of you if you don't know you have a wad of change in there. I'm just saying. Oh and the one time I dropped a lighter down there..... ooohh holy shit, There's still a black ring on the ceiling of the kitchen and the cat has never been the same.


garbage disposals..... like words, can hurt. So don't put your money through that kind of pain, think before you yell at your... I mean... don't put your mon...
Don't put your friends in a garbage... Garbage disposals hate pennies, so keep them separated at
This is your brain.

This is your brain in a garbage disposal.

Any questions?...... okay, I think I'm fired now.

Friday, Jun. 24, 2005 5:52 P.M.

On the itunes: " HEEL " ........ TOADIES

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