You're killing me smalls. You're fucking killing me.

We have a new saleswoman at work to help us specifically in selling all the large format printing we have to offer. We're in the middle of organizing the half ass way we've been doing things so she's kind of in the middle and a part the reconstruction of it all. She's great and I like her to death, she has a lot of working knowledge and she's working with us to learn what we have.
But unfortunately ..... she's perfectionist. An indecisive one at that. Or so it appears. Maybe not. She's still trying to work her way in and making herself a little hole in our little company which is fine and understandable. But some days she just drives me bat shit with the questions and the variations of the questions she asks.

For example, we're currently working on a new sample book of everything thing we do here. At first thought it feels like a monumental task to get this thing all together and off the ground in any kind of sales friendly tool. Of course its ultimately not THAT hard, it's just time consuming. Time, which is something I have right now but will not have the coming weeks as business picks up. However it all starts with a good picture to use for color example on the different collections of substrates and media we use.

Her: Lets look on the photo site for some pictures with a lot of color in them.
Me: Alright, let me open that up and we'll search for one.
Her: We need something that has every color represented in rich tones and values.
Me: Alright.... how 'bout this bowl of fruit?
Her: Well that looks pretty good but there isn't any blue there. There's not much blue fruit.
Me: You're right. How 'bout this? A bowl of peppers in a blue bowl.
Her: Yeaa.... but it's on a white background. I think it needs to have a more vibrant color so the colors pop out . What do you think?
Me: ........ okay...... How about these race cars? No? No race cars? No? okay.
Her: I like this one with the balloons... but the sky is kind of dingy......
Me: ............... ( look look look )............

Three hours later

Me: Okay here's a picture of a cheetah holding the Mexican flag and eating a peacock ........... howaboutthat?doyoulikethat?
Her: No the color is kind of flat..... How about this photo of a rack of cue balls.
Me: ............................... yea alright...........
Her: But the balls are kind of scuffed up though.....
Me: ( Fuck-wank-bugger-shitting-ass-headed-hole!!!! ) ....... thats okay....... I can just airbrush those out in Photoshop.....
Her: Oh right we can just.... Is your nose bleeding?
Me: Allergies... is this the picture you like? Are you sure?
Her: Yes! ........... Well I think so....... No...what do you think?
Me: GOD-DAMNIT! ........... Look, Just pick something! I don't give a rats ass what's on there. You can put the the damn Integalactic gay pride parade! You can put an asshole crapping rainbows! An actual ASSHOLE! crapping actual rainbows!!! Look I'd be fine with a damn chameleon barfing up goddamn skittles on James and his fucking amazing technicolor coat , But for the love of all that is holy would you just pick something so I can get started. FUCK!!
Me: (What I actually said)....... I like it fine. Do you have any extra blood on you? I seem to be running low.

But really I like her just fine. She'll do well, and so will we. At least I'll have blogging material for a change.

Friday, Jul. 01, 2005 5:30 P.M.

On the itunes: " Laura ".......... SCISSOR SISTERS

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