I love presents
It is now time for the guest blogger of the day! Today's guest blogger is the fabulous, very cute girlfriend of Gerg's.....Becky the Awesome! That's right...it is the much talked about girl who is currently sitting in Gerg's office....

So I came to Fort Worth on Friday and discovered that US Airways, being the fabulous airline that they are, left my luggage in Pittsburgh! Woo! That's AWESOME! Thanks US Airways. They told us that they would deliver the luggage when it came on the next flight from Pittsburgh, however that didn't come in until 8 p.m. Great. By 11 p.m., we still had no luggage and didn't have luggage until 4 p.m. the next day. That's awesome. Here's what I learned from that experience....make sure that you pack prescription medicine in your carry-on bag. Just a small lesson that I have learned on this trip!

Other than that, Gerg and I are having a delightful time in the fair city of Fort Worth! Last night, I met mom and step dad! They gave me presents too! I love presents. Who doesn't love presents? I guess there are some presents that are not great...like when someone hands you a "present" and it's just a wad of trash...I don't like that type of presents.

Ok....I'm done now and I'm sure that Gerg will love to write something here as well.....I'm going to go see what type of mischief I can get into!

I think I'll let what she said stand for now.
I'll update more when I come back to work on wednesday.
P.S. And Beth, I so did too know who Mary Jo Kopechne was.

Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005 12:36 P.M.

on the itunes: nothing because i dont have it on!

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