Oi ! Where's the fucking bar John
Hi hoes
um...... I'm still alive. It's just been a tad busy here of late. Work is trying to beat the stuffings out of me daily, it's kicking my a........ you know...... in college everyone has the common complaint that professors don't seem to realize you have OTHER classes that warrant your attention. On the same day Professor Mc'clamhole wants his essay on the consumer purchasing habits of the male orangutan, Professor Shazbot wants her bullshit yadayada paper. If you could only MAKE them understand that if you could figure out how to be in two places at once you could somehow complete what they are demanding. If you're in school tight now I hope you're not thinking, "If I can just survive this I wont have to worry about that bullshit anymore."
It never ends.
Well, it'll end eventually. But that would mean that you've kicked the bucket.
Someone ALWAYS wants a piece of you and they dont give a flying fuck that someone else wants that same piece. They just don't and they never will. So get used to it suckers.
Thats all I learned from college. Well all I remember anyway. Obviously I didn't learn shit about writing.

So anyway, I haven't been on here much because I've just been so goddamn busy and really I haven't had much of interest to write about. I can't imagine you would find it very interesting to hear the boring details of life so I don't put them in here. Although I have to say Becky and I are doing pretty well. As well as two people living in two different states can get on. I have a visit planned over the Thanksgiving holiday to go see her and her folks as well as the dorky idiot-milk ,
and she's coming here in December for Chrimmus to see mine and hang out with my mildly disgruntled cat.
The cat doesn't dig her much.
The cat doesn't dig anyone much.
Bruce Boxlightner just likes to eat the food ( TINA! ) and flip through the tv channels looking for cat related shit.


I'll be back with something to write as soon as something pisses me off.
It's kind of weird, I had much more to write when I wasn't as happy. Sort of a trade off thingy I guess. I don't know.
Anyway.. just wanted to check in a let you know you hadn't gotten rid of me that easy.

Also, has anyone seen this?
Does anyone know what the hell it is?

Wednesday, Oct. 05, 2005 6:02 P.M.

on the itunes: " The Fletcher memorial home " PINK FLOYD

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