even steven... the cat
Cons of Life

banks charging to withdraw your own money
belligerent drunks
belligerent bees
belligerent dogs
belligerent drunk dogs with bees riding on their backs
people that cut you off on the freeway to make a stupid exit ramp
people who can't wait their turn
people who go too slooooooooow... at everything
dropping your PB&j on the floor .....PB&J side down
burger king commercials
breaking bones
situation comedies with more than one child in them and/or a moral of the story.( the moral is usually played with the theme song in the background, only it's played extra sloooow to emphasize the point )
reality TV
90% of TV in general
eyelashes in your eye
a poke in the eye
putting your foot in your mouth
getting poked in the eye by somebody's foot
getting your head slammed in a car door
getting your body slammed in a car door
getting your PENIS slammed in a car door
pretty much any body part... car door... suck town
rug burns
static electricity
explosive diarrhea
explosive urination
downs syndrome
Tourette's syndrome
asperger syndrome
restless leg syndrome
china syndrome
locking your keys in your car
getting robbed
death of a parent

Pros in life

Becky loves me

I think it evens out

on the itunes: "Nothing's impossible" DEPECHE MODE

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