So yea, dig it.
I got a testimonial last night.

"After reading Gerg's web log entry to my Fiance, I found that I had a longer, harder erection than usual.
She discovered the true power of Gerg Nitmo, as I channeled his verocity and labido through my own sexual septor. 
It was only after an extended session of love-making that we realized that Gerg is quite the honey-dripper.
He has a tremendously sweet quality that forces us to admire him.  He's one of the last "Good Ones" that's for sure."
Peter Anuscarp
(E.W. Suburbia, USA)

There are many many mo... well thats the only one really.
SO FAR!!!!
This blog is good for something after all it seems. Helping guys get laid all obuh de werld.

And this is still here too
johari link

On the itunes: " One day " FISHBONE

:edit note: I have halo scan now, leave a comment.

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