more belligerent bees on dogs
I don't really care to watch sports on TV. Once in while I get an itch to watch a football game but for the most part, just because there's one on the television, doesn't mean I'm going to automatically watch it. I think it comes from not being very good at them as a kid, so I never developed that competitive urge as far as that goes. I always hated the day in school when it was relay day... except for dodge ball. I really liked that.

So it may be a big surprise that I really DO like the ultimate in relay sports, the Olympics. I get into it and I have no idea why.

I don't care whether it's the summer or the winter, I like em both. Judging from the reaction I get from anyone I ask these last few days if they're watching the games now, not many folks care for the winter ones.

I think I know why. They just aren't as excited about the snow and ice. So the olympic committee should try and liven things up a bit.

Of course I have a few ideas.

I don't think it's necessary to invent brand new sports, I think they should modify the ones they have now by combining them all together.

I wanna see the 10 meter speed skate event. One four second free for all down the ice with nothing but asses and elbows all the way as people try to beat the shit out of each other to the finish line.

Lets stay with skates for a bit and combine that with something from the summer olympics and get the speed skating pole jump.

See where I'm going with this? Can you just picture this in your mind?

This is only funny to me isn't it?

How about downhill ski moguls....... with hurdles. Hurguls? Modles?

I wanna see the four man bobsled going down a ski jump. The luge is a second option for that as well.

The 1000 meter breast stroke while wearing skis would be genius.

Pretty much anything they do while wearing skis would be awesome.

The pommel horse, figure skating, sculling, ( while pulling another guy on water skies!)

I'd like to see the mens and women's downhill combined and see them all come down hill at the same time. EVERYONE.

And the whole thing wouldn't be complete without rings of fire to jump through. Or belligerent dogs with belligerent bees on their backs chasing them.

Just a few idears.

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