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I thought I would post something from a guest today. This is from my younger brother, reprinted without permission But I don't think he'll mind.


You know, when I think back about it.. everything in Mcdonald land was never as happy as those commercials made things seem to be.  Grimace was manic depressive and probably had a massive chemical imbalance in a triangular purple body...  They should've gone to the McPharmacy and gave him some McProzac

Of course, he could have been "grimacing" for the simple fact that he had no elbows...I'm thinking this would make every ones day not so bright and cherry.. I don't think his arms even reached his mouth!  which MAKES ME WONDER HOW HIS BIG BODY GOT SO FAT.. UNLESS, Maybe he would bash his head against a burger substance like a bird?

The fry-guys were just weird....all hairy with two eyes and no arms just legs...makes you wonder what appendage was hiding in that fur to steall all them fries.

The Mcnuggets were suicidal.. or kinky.. they were always begging for someone to eat them. and dipping themselves willingly in dipping sauce.  (just what goes in a mcnugget?  mcllama?  mcwaterbuffalo?)

Didn't the clown make you think of a whiter  version of Micheal Jackson?  you never saw any other adults around him.. just kids..hmm.. suspicious...
Were there were no girl clowns round?  unless he was schtooping Grimace.  (which is another reason to not smile if you ask me... being Ronalds bitch is bad..)

I belive they were all constipated, cause the only roughage they had was salad.. and with all the cheese and bread  they ate.. no little lettuce leaf is gonna put a dent in that..

not too mention that big fat bird.....what land did she come from...?

Thank god Burger King brought back the Burger King Despot!  At least we're supposed to be scared of him.. he's a king after all.. and could whack your head off at the slightest whim.

Friday, Apr. 29, 2005 12:32 P.M.

on the itunes: " ballroom blitz ".......... THE SWEET

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