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Don't mind me, i'm just updating a banner page and adding it to the thingy to the left as a banner tag.... and probably fucking things to all hell in the template. This is just a repost with some new banners added at the bottom, just testing out some HTML. OK. One of two things has happened.

A) I have become too busy at work and nothing interesting enough that would actually make sense to you guys has happened to warrant an entry,

B) I've hit the bricks with writers block the size of Gibralter.


C) I've forgotten how to count.

Well it must be all of the above. I HAVE been working too many hours, In order to have writers block you have to actually BE a writer, and the whole "I've forgotten how to count ha ha snort" thing has been done to death. But that didn't stop me did it? No it sure as shit didn't.

It's very hard to write something original that every man, woman, thirteen year old girl, or dog hasn't already written in diaryland. Everyone has hit the major subjects already so I know this is normal, but I still want to be original and not do what everyone has done. Thats not possible. If I've seen one person do something in particular, it means forty people have already done it. I don't want to be a cliché, but what do you do when you have nothing to write here? huh?

Well of course you show everyone your lousy banners. The ones you've already seen or you wouldn't be here in the first place. Yay you.

So here they are in some kind of order .... I think.

I had a banner blitz about a month ago when I tried to actually put some thought into making one. The first one I did before I saw anyone elses was pretty boring.

I may take it out if it takes too long for this page to load since it's a Gif. It's one of the more boring ones that just says,"Bjorn Nitmo's.....Rant-o-rama." I changed the name slightly too because I didn't want to incur the wrath of a field goal kicker or get my head cleaved in two by an insane Nordsmen. BO-RING Sidney, Booooring. EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!! *cough* Ahem...Sorry, got stuck in Sex Pistols land there for a minute.

Next up we have....

....the basketball baby banner, which didn't do too all. Partly because you really don't know what's going on. A lot of people try to constrain their pictures to make them fit in the 468 X 60 pixel box for the banner, making everything look weird. I just crop mine to make them look correct but sometimes you lose stuff, ie this one where you can't see that the guy has forgotten his son on his back and has somehow ended up in a pick-up basketball game.. see the baby peeking over the shoulder? Yea I didn't think you would. You can't see the basketball either, so this banner didn't make any sense. Hence the low click through. blegh.

Then theres..

I got a lot of comments on this one. It worked well.


...another one that turned out good.

"frikin-birds" was one of those spur of the moment ones where I saw a picture that wrote it's self. One of my favorites.


did pretty good surprisingly. Someone suggested I use the geico commercial at the end...thats where I got the idea from. Actually thats what the picture was from, you've probably seen it on the internet already. I just changed it to Old Navy to be different. Eh, did alright.

This is my vague one that tried the sneaky approach.

subliminality works well when you're working with the male mind, I had a lot of click thru's but when they realized they had been duped they left pretty quick. "what? No titties?" Plus I found out the negativity to seeing eyes on the banner place. Apparently eyes are so unoriginal

I don't know what this one was all about.

I just thought the asian guy was funny

Or this one...

My insanity plea for celexa

Howdy doodlie neighbor!

Thats Flanders on mars by the way...NASA picked it up somehow.

The technicolor one I stopped using...

it was unsuccessful, and I thought, had a tinge of homo-ness to it. The whole rainbow thing, you know.

These next two are the newest ones and so far they're not doing too I know you havn't seen them yet. Probably no one has.

You understand i'm not refering to me don't you? ...that the woman is...saying that. I'm not that know that right?

And this one......

I don't think you can see that this a cave painting, I think it's pretty self explaining. Maybe not funny? pleh, I don't's not getting any clicks so far. boo.

But the most successful one so far to date is....

Wish it had been totally my idea. And I wish I could have put the whole thing in a banner. The font got all buggered up somehow, I don't know.

Well, there you go. Thats all of them. Thanks to all both of you who waited for this page to load. Take care, drive safely. Don't forget to tip your waitress. I'm here all week!

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