obligatory thanks in a letter design to assuage my guilt at being a total dick
You know, I don't think I've ever been really good at answering comments or notes or guest book entries.. or whatever the fuck else i've got on here to see that someones been kind enough to write something to me. I guess things get too busy ( read I'm a lazy ASS ) to always answer back in a timely manner. I could say that living my life takes a lot of free time ( no it doesn't ) and that my social life takes up the rest ( if you call sleeping social )I would like to take a moment to say,
Hi! hello! thanks for saying that! thank you! have a good birthday! sorry to hear that. I can eat WHAT? send me a letter when you get there! You're good at giving what? No it's 6. yes well i appreciate your concern. No I will NOT do that! So you really think you're Henry Kissinger huh? No, really, I AM from earth. For the last time I'm not gay!

I don't think it's really a nice thing to answer most of the comments in a cover all entry but I just never seem to get around to not being an ass and answering them as they come in. when i first started here I remember being a little perturbed that someone didn't answer back right away.. or at all to something I said, but i soon realized that its not a matter of being rude but just having too much to do.

So, just so you dont get the idea that I don't care, I do. Just so you don't think it's anything you said, it's not. Just so you don't think I'm an jerk... well sometimes I am.
Also, for all the things said about me and Beck and the comments on my drooling mug.
My ego thanks you too.

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