Duh duh duh duh, duh duh, duh duh FISH SAMMICH! BREAK IT DOWN!
The news is in, ( for me anyway ) ....
Bela Lugosi is ...undead.
Again apparently. I heard today that Bauhaus ( along with Gang of Four and the Cocteau Twins, I think I heard that right. I don't mean to start rumors that are untrue ) are reforming and the first thought I had was ... weeeeell why? When I checked online, I was unaware that they did in fact reform once before in 1998 to go on the road, and I guess broke up again and now have reformed AGAIN. Make up your mind Peter.
Bela Lugosi's de .. uh ... undea ...... dddd .... bollocks! Fuck it !

Speaking of songs.
Two have been stuck in my stupid head all stupid morning.
"If I could turn back time" by Cher ( the horror ) and "Snoopy and the red baron" by the Royal Guardsmen
I do NOT know how either one of them got in there. I did not put them there. I haven't listened to a station that would have played either of them. If someone could hook me up with the brain version of the scrubbing bubbles and a cheese grater I would be much happy.

Also I heard the words immaculate conception today. Funny, every time I hear those words spoken together I think of conceiving a baby with the use of Mr. clean, a swiffer and a gallon of bleach.

Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2005 12:55 P.M.

on the itunes: " Mr Love " ....... THE TOADIES

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