I beg your pardon.
It's been a while huh? I've been off doing this and that, but more this than that.

"And we want this, and this, and this, and some of that, a few of those, and fucking AAALL of that."
I don't know where I got that above. I have a lot of random quotes just floating around in my brain that I haven't a clue where they come from, where they're going, or why they aren't paying rent.
Hmm, what have I been up to?
Cooking, thats what. Cooking is what I do in the Winter when it's cold
I've perfected my:
Chili recipe ( or found a good one )
My own spaghetti sauce ( which I must say is fucking-hardcore-bad-ass-mama-Prego-can-kiss-my-ass-fan-fucking-tastic. ) I call it FHBAMPCKMAF for short, but its pronounced "Spuh-ghetti-saws"
And the beef stew of Valhalla which I always always make too damn much of.

I went to this place to see many dorks .... including myself. And lastly I went camping last weekend with the family for a triple birthday. We don't happen to have the normal traditional happy birthday. Have some cake. Here's a gift card to the SEARS, birthday parties.
Naw, thats too boring.
We went camping.
And if thats still too boring, we'll be sure to get in trouble with the cops so one of us goes to jail. ( sorry grandma )
Well that sentence is a bit misleading. GRANDMA didn't go to jail ( this time ) it was my cousin. Driving along in his girlfriends car ( drive drive drive ) we were pulled over for an expired registration sticker. THE COP DID A U-TURN!
He kept repeating "I'm going to jail. I'm going to jail. I'm going to jail" And we're all "Shut up, you're not going to jail"
He went to jail.
He had a couple of warrants for insurance that he hadn't been able to take care of yet.
Grandma got to see him handcuffed so that was pretty peachy and stuff.
They asked for all our licenses and made us stand in the rain while they searched the front seat, the back seat, the trunk, the glove box, the carburetor....... everything. Even our damned subway sandwiches. Heather and I watched as the guy thumbed through our lunch meat like he was shuffling a deck of cards..... and then neatly wrap it back up and place it back where he got it. Yea thanks Barney Fife, I'm sure it tastes much better now.
So we drove off with our crack-dope sandwiches to try and spring my cousin, but he decided to save our money and just sit out his time in jail. And we went camping.
Wee. Kind of a bummer but still fun.
Anyway, thats pretty quickly about all I've been up to. Not much worth reporting.
And how have you been?

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2005 6:07 P.M.

On the I-tunes: " Frontier Psychiatrist " THE AVALANCHES

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