August 31 2005
I was supposed to go to New Orleans this coming Friday for a rendevous with Becky, if it wasn't for the invention of Labor day I might have gone a week earlier. Out of all the bajillion cities in the US we picked the one with a bulls eye on it. Things worked out though, I got my money back from the airline and the hotel. She got her money back for hers as well along with the rental car. Also she will be coming here this Friday... but.
Things did not work out for the people in New Orleans though. I hope... well I don't really know what to say. I shouldn't say anything.

I'll just say this instead, maybe it'll get your minds off how bad things are.

Wanting things and needing things are two entirely different concepts.
You've got to have the things you need. But you can do without the things you want.
for instance, you want a sloppy joe, but you need food. You want beer, but you need water. Well, some guys need beer. These men are called beeros .... and ted Kennedy. ( Oh enough with the Kennedy jokes! Hasn't he had enough? Well Mary Jo Kopechne probably hasn't. )

But what do you do to get the things you want, what do you do to get the things you need? Ah, but careful observation, and simply asking will work most of the time. You always know what a man wants. He will tell you. He will whine about it till you give it to him to shut him up.
But how do you know what a woman wants? She wont always have the same courtesy of whining.
Woman uses subtext and confusion to ask for what she wants. If she needs water, she'll say she wants water. If she wants you to learn to dance she'll say " Honey? Will you get me a glass of water from the bathroom sink?" (where she has left a dance class brochure)
Men are supposed to pick this up.
Men never do.
We're too busy whining about being out of beer.
Men need you to ask them to do something, but they don't want to be told what to do. So women are polite and hope the man gets a subtle hint ..which he wont get causing her for the fortieth time to TELL him to take out the goddamn garbage you bum.
See how this works?
Men are useful, like when you need something off the top shelf, but beyond that they aren't much good.
Especially when boobs are introduced into the picture.
Then they become small children.
That's because boobs are wonderful.
We don't have the foggiest idea why.
Men need things like meat and beer. These are the fuels we require to do useful tasks around the house like change light-bulbs and kill bugs. Things women can do but let the man do so he will feel useful and continue to eat large pieces of beef.
But what does a woman want?
Woman will NEVER tell you.
Man is supposed to use a technique called "mental telepathy", something woman don't realize men don't possess.
There is a second technique, it's called "ask a woman who is not YOUR woman. This works VERY well.
She will interpret. She's like a spy.
If this is done, a man will learn a lot of things about his woman.
.......and he'll always get what he wants.
If you listen to your woman, you'll get what you need.
If you remember what she says, you will get her heart.

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005 9:59 P.M.

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