I Can't Wait To Get Off Work And See My Baby
I can hardly believe it's been more than 2 months since I last updated.
God dayum.
For a time I felt like I should find some kind of apology or excuse as to why I haven't, but now I don't really feel that its necessary. I'll write when I feel like it, right? It's really the same thing as its been for all the other lapses in update. Same ol' thing going on, nothing new to report.
I should at least write a little something though. It is Christmas for crying out loud. And it's coming up on my anniversary here. I know this because keeps buggin me to redo my gold membership and I don't have the money to blow on that right now. I think that means i lose my comments section, oh well. I think it's the 24th or something like that. Let me go check.
Oh, of all the days to decide, it turns out that THIS is the day. My first day. My first blog day.
Today also happens to be Beckys 27th birthday. I called her at 7:29 this morning to sing her happy birthday..... very badly she might add. She was born at 7:29.
I wanted to be first.
Strange coincidence that I happen to be so happy today as apposed to December 9th 2003 when i wrote the first entry in this silly thing. As I recall, I don't think i was too thrilled with how life was back then. I suppose thats why I have this thing. To look back and pinpoint events and try to remember how i was feeling and compare them to today.

Enough, lets recap a bit.
I've been able to be with Becky exactly two times. She visited for 6 days during the Katrina debacle.
I just visited her for Thanksgiving to meet her folks. She says they liked me but they dont feel like they got to know me enough. I think they're scared of me taking their kid away from them. I'm not sure. As we were leaving the house after Thanksgiving dinner I hugged her mom goodbye. on the way down the steps mom came bounding down with tears rolling. Perhaps I stepped on her foot? Becky said she did the same thing when she went away to college, so she is either crying because shes happy or afraid. I really don't know. They were really nice, normal, everyday, country folk. Moms the kind that makes you call her by her name and Dads a do everything yourself kind of self contained man. He's building Beck a chest of drawers for her birthday/christmas. HE'S MAKING IT HIMSELF, which i find pretty fucking cool myself.
We played a lot of cards. I wasn't a cards kind of person before, but after 6 hours of it I am now. She warned me before hand that she and her dad count cards. She wasn't kidding.

It's her turn next, she's on her way to my house on the 22nd to meet my family. Lets hope it goes well. My family can get pretty loud, I hope they dont scare the packing peanuts out of her. ( Hi Teets! )
One other thing.
I sat on Bruce Boxleitner the other day.
Yep, I crunched my cat.
I can't see through the bedsheets see.. come on, i needed to sit down SOMEWHERE to put on my socks. When i pulled back the covers boy did she look surprised. It was a combination of " What in the flying fuck was that?!" and "Why did you do that??!" I think that was the longest meow she's ever managed to crank out .... to date. Oh, remember I renamed my cat Bruce Boxlietner if you didn't remember.

Very boring update.
I'll work on it.

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